Designing for Autism....

Each child is different, therefore needs are different. By designing with your specific child's needs in mind we can tailor each space to be exactly what you and your child need in order to THRIVE!

Design Plan 

Designing for Autism requires special detail to Lighting, Color, Auditory, Tactile, and Space Planning. Together we will create a space you and your child will THRIVE in!

What you will learn during our time together. 

  • Understanding what sensory sensitivities your child has and how to incorporate them into the design. 
  • What materials, colors, lighting and furniture you should be utilizing to get your desired experience in each space. 
  • How to arrange your furniture for desired comfortability, flow, and safety. 

We start with a FREE phone consultation to see what yours and your child's needs are, the problems you are facing, and how I could help you with them.